Enjoy these videos, produced by Southern Hills members.

SHSM Camp Akiva 2018 - Altar Ego
Southern Hills Church |
06/21/2018 |
Our students had a great week discovering who they were meant to be at Camp Akiva.
The Story of Bar Church
Southern Hills Church |
05/11/2018 |
In commemoration of the five year anniversary of Bar Church, some of the original Bar Church team members look back at its beginning, and give thanks for what it has become.
Labor of Love - Hope Haven
Southern Hills Church |
01/30/2018 |
As part of our Labor of Love series, we produced this video highlighting Hope Haven in Abilene.
Labor of Love - Love & Care Ministries
Southern Hills Church |
01/30/2018 |
As part of our Labor of Love series, we produced this video highlighting Love & Care Ministries in Abilene.
Labor of Love - Big Brothers Big Sisters
Southern Hills Church |
01/30/2018 |
As part of our Labor of Love series, we produced this video highlighting Big Brothers Big Sisters - Abilene.
Southern Hills Missionaries' Messages to Southern Hills
Southern Hills Church |
11/14/2017 |
"How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of a messenger who proclaims peace, who brings good news, who proclaims salvation, who proclaims that the God of Israel reigns!" The missionaries you see in this video are living out the words of Isaiah 52:7. Southern Hills is blessed and honored to partner with these heroes.
Southern Hills Missionaries, Harvest Sunday 2017
Southern Hills Church |
11/07/2017 |
Meet six of the missionary families Southern Hills will support in 2018. We're honored to partner with these gifted missionaries - each of whom is impacting the world in the name of Christ.
Time Lapse Painting on Palm Sunday
Southern Hills Church |
04/10/2017 |
This time lapse of Jennifer's painting, along with Jarrod's words, call us to reflect and remember. In our most difficult moments, may we have hope that "this can't possibly be the end. Death can't possibly have the final word."
Bar Church 2017
Southern Hills Church |
04/04/2017 |
A video that was put together to help celebrate the four year anniversary of Bar Church
Southern Hills Church |
11/02/2016 |
Harvest Sunday 2016 - International Missions Team
Southern Hills Church |
11/01/2016 |
Members of the Southern Hills IMT share how our church is involved in mission efforts around the world.
A Team Effort - Harvest Sunday 2016
Southern Hills Church |
10/14/2016 |
Every believer has a role in the mission of God. In this video we celebrate how Southern Hills members have partnered with missionaries, ministries and one another to allow God to impact lives through us.