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Creating Space In Our Lives For God

Most of us, most of the time, have way too much going on. Too many situations that call for our attention. Too many challenges that we didn't see coming. Too many commitments overflowing our calendars. In all of this "too much" we can end up not having enough space for the things that really matter. We can end up not having enough space for God.

Over the centuries, Christian disciples have developed holy habits - spiritual practices - that can help us recover sacred space in our frantic, busy lives. From August 21 through November 6, our church will explore 12 of these spiritual practices together, and we're going to see how when we create more space in our lives for God, the Holy Spirit transforms our hearts and lives.


For additional resources related to the Open series, please visit our blog,  You can also listen to Jarrod's messages on our sermons page or through our podcast.