Refugee Ministry

International Missions In Abilene

In 2009, a Southern Hills member offered a ride to several strangers she saw in a parking lot - strangers who were clearly not from Texas.  From that interaction, a special relationship between our church and a population of Bhutanese refugees in Abilene was born.

Southern Hills has since developed a strong and loving connection with our Bhutanese brothers and sisters.  Many members have assisted them with practical needs like furniture, driving lessons, and citizenship classes.  Our church has also shared Jesus with them, in classes, in worship, and in Bible studies.  In return, we've been blessed by the spirit of these wonderful people, and our church better understands and reflects the Kingdom of God because of their presence.

Opportunities for involvement are always available in this ministry - in Sunday and Wednesday Bible classes, in citizenship classes, and in other relational opportunities.  Contact Pat Cranfill to learn more.