Marriage Care

A Three-Tiered Approach

Our ministry staff and elders are passionate about creating a culture at Southern Hills that supports our members who are married. While we realize every marriage is unique, we find it helpful to think of marriages in these three basic categories:  


The usual ups and downs, but mostly on the same page, cooperative, looking out for the best interest of the other. While generally healthy, these marriages still need proactive maintenance and nurture that can be done in the context of a class, small group, or basic workshop.


More downs than ups, more combative and less cooperative, more selfish and less selfless. These marriages need some significant work to return to normal health-often with the help of trained volunteers or professional therapists.


Mostly downs, very combative, very selfish, these marriages are in need of urgent help by professional therapists who specialize in crisis care.  

With these three categories in mind, we have developed a three-tiered approach to providing our members who are married with resources that are appropriate to the particular category that best describes their marriage.

PRIMARY CARE for marriages that are healthy

For marriages that are HEALTHY, we will be offering voluntary 6-week classes 3 times a year (space is limited). These classes will be using Gary Thomas's Sacred Marriage or Cherish DVD Curriculum as a foundation for reflection and conversation on marriage. Gary's emphasis on spiritual growth as the necessary starting point for relational growth in marriage fits very well with Southern Hills' conviction that a healthy marriage flows from faithful discipleship. The next Cherish class will meet September 17—October 22. Click here to sign up to participate (available on a first-come, first-served basis). 

We will also be bringing in an outside speaker at least 1 time a year for a marriage enrichment workshop. More details will follow in the coming months.

Primary Contact: Keith Clark

SPECIALIZED CARE for marriages that are hurting

For marriages that are HURTING, we will be offering an in-depth 8-week course that uses the ENRICH assessment to dig deeper into the specific challenges that can arise in marriages under stress. We plan to offer this course 2 times a year. Look for this course to be available for the first time in March. If you have any questions, contact the church office.

Some couples need individualized 1-on-1 counseling instead of a group experience. If you feel you need this kind of care, please contact our Family Minister, Robert Oglesby, who will refer you to a local therapist whose areas of specialization fit your needs. If financial concerns are a barrier, we will provide the necessary assistance to ensure you receive the appropriate care.

Primary Contact: Robert Oglesby

INTENSIVE CARE for marriages that need immediate help

When marriages reach a point where they are in need of IMMEDIATE HELP, we will direct couples to the best resources available to help them restore their marriages to health. If you reach this point in your marriage, we encourage you to contact any of our shepherds or ministers, who will refer you to the resources best suited for your specific situation. If you prefer to privately explore a helpful option, one of the best resources for immediate help is Love Reboot, an intensive program specifically designed to intervene with the intent of restoring the marriage to a level of health that allows the couple’s marriage to thrive. Again, if money is an issue for any couple in need of help, we will work with you to make sure you are able to receive the care you need.

Primary Contact: Shepherds/Ministers