Bar Church

Southern Hills is a church committed to the vision of being God's Community Front Porch: Inviting, Including and Involving people in the life of Jesus.  As we've grown into this vision, God has repeatedly led us to follow Jesus outside the walls of our church building to serve and share life with people - many of whom are not connected to God or a church family. 

In 2013, God led a group of Southern Hills members to form Bar Church.  Watch the video below to hear from some of the original Bar Church team members reflect on its beginning, and give thanks for what it has become in the years since then. 


Bar Church meets Sunday mornings at 11:30 a.m. at a local bar called Memories, located at 541 China St.  All are welcome.

  • If you have questions related to Bar Church, please contact Shannon Martin, Bar Church Ministry Leader, or Joel Paris, Bar Church Ministry Associate.
  • Click here to visit the Bar Church website,