Enjoy these videos, produced by Southern Hills members.

Time Lapse Painting on Palm Sunday
SouthernHillsChurch |
04/10/2017 |
This time lapse of Jennifer's painting, along with Jarrod's words, call us to reflect and remember. In our most difficult moments, may we have hope that "this can't possibly be the end. Death can't possibly have the final word."
Bar Church 2017
SouthernHillsChurch |
04/04/2017 |
A video that was put together to help celebrate the four year anniversary of Bar Church
SouthernHillsChurch |
11/02/2016 |
Harvest Sunday 2016 - International Missions Team
SouthernHillsChurch |
11/01/2016 |
Members of the Southern Hills IMT share how our church is involved in mission efforts around the world.
A Team Effort - Harvest Sunday 2016
SouthernHillsChurch |
10/14/2016 |
Every believer has a role in the mission of God. In this video we celebrate how Southern Hills members have partnered with missionaries, ministries and one another to allow God to impact lives through us.
David Varner - Endure
SouthernHillsChurch |
09/10/2016 |
David was diagnosed with cancer in 2015. In this video he shares how his faith in God and the love he's received from others have helped him endure.
Josh Hardcastle, Welcome
SouthernHillsChurch |
08/29/2016 |
Josh, Whitney and Knox Hardcastle say a quick "Hello" to Southern Hills on the day Josh was announced as our new High School Youth Minister.
SouthernHillsChurch |
06/15/2016 |
Eggstravaganza 2016 (Drone)
SouthernHillsChurch |
03/28/2016 |
Southern Hills's 2016 Eggstravaganza was a blast! Great weather, great turnout, and lots of good fun. Enjoy the drone footage!
SoHills Youth Website Welcome Video
SouthernHillsChurch |
02/02/2016 |
Here's a quick welcome to our youth website courtesy of our youth ministers, Holly and Matt.
Southern HIlls Website Welcome Video
SouthernHillsChurch |
01/26/2016 |
Our Preacher, Jarrod Robinson, shares a quick welcome to those who visit the Southern Hills website.
Serge Gasore - Missionary in Rwanda
SouthernHillsChurch |
12/29/2015 |
Serge & Esperance Gasore were born in Africa, met in Abilene, and moved to Rwanda in 2016 to provide shelter, food, medical care and hope to at-risk children.