OUR Ministers and STAFF

Southern Hills has a dedicated ministerial team which challenges, encourages and equips the church, and a fantastic support staff which carries out many day-to-day functions in the church office and beyond.



Matt Bancroft

Minister - High School Youth

Matt joined the Southern Hills ministry team in April of 2015. Matt is a graduate from Harding University who has worked as a youth minister at the Fairfax Church of Christ and the Northwest Tampa Church of Christ. He's a fan of the Arkansas Razorbacks, but his true passion is forming connections with young people that lead to spiritual formation.


Stephen Corbett

Minister - Communications

Stephen Corbett has been on staff since September, 1999, and helps coordinate church communication and use of media. His desire is to help make Southern Hills more simple, more creative, more cohesive and more effective. He is married to Tiffani and they have two sons, Kyal and Kolby.


Ryan Maloney

Minister - Family and Children

Ryan Maloney has been on staff since February, 2011, and assists in the spiritual formation of children (birth through 4th grade) and their families. He is passionate about this process and believes this ministry is most effective when we minister with the family as a whole. He is married to Lisa and they have twins, Ellie and Luke.


Shannon Martin

Worship Ministry Coordinator

Shannon Martin joined the ministry team in July of 2012. As Worship Ministry Coordinator, her duties include planning worship assemblies, organizing praise teams and singing groups, and helping coordinate Bar Church. Shannon is passionate about worshiping God through music and taking Jesus to where people are. Shannon is married to Clay, and they have four children, Grayson, Garrett, Brittany and Gatlin.


Robert Oglesby

Minister - Family

Robert Oglesby has been on staff since May 1984 and is responsible for pastoral counseling, referrals and pre-marital counseling. He loves working in youth ministry, counseling, and is a consultant to churches around the nation through his work at ACU. He is married to Jenny and they have 3 children, Lauren (Oglesby) Edwards, Greg, and Leslie.


Jarrod Robinson

Minister of the Word

Jarrod joined the Southern Hills ministry team in August of 2014 after preaching for the Eastside Church of Christ in Antioch, CA from 2004-2006 and the Riverside Church of Christ in Coppell, TX from 2006-2014. As Minister of the Word, Jarrod is passionate about experiencing and helping others experience the unwavering, undying love of God. Jarrod is married to Lauren and they have two daughters, Rylee and Reese.


Holly Racca

Minister - Middle School Youth

After serving as a Southern Hills youth intern and graduating from ACU in 2013, Holly joined the Southern Hills ministry team in September of 2013 and then married Wes in January of 2014. Holly is passionate about helping young people grow in their relationship with God and find inclusion in the body of Christ.


Kipp Swinney

Minister - University

Kipp joined the ministry team in August of 2014, ministering to and with university students. He is married to Kaitlyn.


Cassie Sullivan

Ministry Assistant

Cassie Sullivan has been on staff since July, 2009. Some of her responsibilities include Groups, children's ministry support, and worship ministry support. Cassie is married to R.J. Sullivan and has a daughter named Alaina.


Brenda Jamison

ministry assistant

Brenda Jamison has been on staff since January 2005. She works as an assistant to Matt Bancroft and Holly Racca in our youth ministry, and Stephen Corbett in the Communications Ministry. Some of her responsibilities include the weekly bulletins, the Giving Tree, and assisting with youth activities and camp.


sue rust

ministry assistant

Sue has been on staff since 1999. She is a single parent of two grown sons, Dave and Ron, who have blessed her with five wonderful grandchildren. Sue enjoys creative writing and helping others, and is involved in Community Benevolence, Food Pantry and Family Care Ministries. She believes her love for God and her life experiences have prepared her for her position at Southern Hills.


Cindy Varner

business manager