Celebrating "The Promise" and the Birth of Jesus

This December, Southern Hills will incorporate various themes of the season of Advent into various pieces of worship and song.  Through all of our worship gatherings, we will be acknowledging and celebrating God's loving promise, fulfilled by Jesus.

What is Advent?

"Advent" simply means someone (Jesus) is coming, an arrival.  Advent is a month-long season of hope in Christ that cuts across denominational and theological boundaries.  It dates to the beginning of the 19th century in Europe.

Advent represents renewal and our expectation, anticipation, and preparation for who Christ is and what He has done for us.  Advent is not about presents or parties or shopping, but a time to slow down and celebrate the absolute truth that God is faithful, and that His steadfast love is present, even in difficult times, to bring a deep peace unlike anything we’ve ever experienced.

During Advent, we will spend time preparing our hearts for the arrival of a special guest…the arrival of our King of Kings.


Holiday Schedule

As the Christmas season approaches, we will continue our normal Sunday and Wednesday schedules through December 20.  On December 24 and 31, we will have our Sunday morning worship assembly at 10:00 a.m. with no Bible classes for children, teens, and most adults.  We will have no Wednesday night activities on December 27.