Sunday Classes

Learning In Community

Sunday classes meet from 10:30-11:30 a.m. 

Southern Hills offers Sunday morning Bible classes for all ages. Classes for children are organized by age and grade-level. Middle school, high school, and university students have classes specially designed for them. And for adults, we have a wide range of classes grouped by life-stage, interests, and teaching styles. In each class, we meet to study the Word of God in community, and to experience fellowship and encouragement. Our current adult classes are listed below.


We Need To Talk

This class, primarily for adults in their 20s through 40s, many of whom have young children, is intended to prepare class participants for important conversations with their children. Young people in today’s culture face never-before-seen challenges in areas such as technology, cell phones, and social media. And even longstanding topics like friends, race, sports, church, sex, and money have new challenges in the complex society our children are growing up in. By discussing these topics, parents will be better equipped to have meaningful conversations with their own children when the time is right.
Facilitated and Taught by Stephen Corbett in Fellowship Hall South

Key Themes from Scripture

This class, primarily for adults 55 and over, is exploring key themes from the Old and New Testaments and how they inform our efforts to live as faithful followers of Jesus each day.
Facilitated by Carley Dodd and Taught by Various Class Members in Fellowship Hall North

The Story of Jesus (Begins September 10)

This class is primarily for adults 55 and over, but is open to all ages. This class series will be a parallel study of the three Gospel accounts, Matthew, Mark, and Luke, as they tell the story of Jesus from his birth to his ascension. John's gospel account will enrich areas where it coincides with the "Synoptic" gospel accounts.
Facilitated and Taught by Danny Minton in the Chapel

Whatever Makes You Happy (Begins September 3)

This class, primarily for adults 55 and over, is exploring the theme of happiness in the book of Ecclesiastes.
Facilitated by Dan Sheppard and Taught by Mark Phillips in Room 103

Starting Bible 101

This class is for adults of mixed ages, including those seeking to know Jesus, those who are new to the faith, those who would like a refresher course, those that would like to know more about the Bible, those who would like fundamental questions of life answered, and/or those that would like to bring friends to see what the Bible teaches.
Facilitated and Taught by Ronny Crumpler in the Elders' Conference Room

The Letters of John

This class for adults of mixed ages is reflecting on the letters of John using a discussion format.
Facilitated by Dave Merrell and Taught by Dave, Larry Norsworthy, and Nathan Tinkle in Room 118

Twisting the Truth

This class, primarily for adults 40-60, is discussing material from a DVD series about learning to discern in a culture of deception.
Facilitated by Corky Burke and Elena Rhodes and Taught by Various Class Members in Room 115

Faith and Culture

This class, primarily for adults 50 and over, explores the intersections between current events, cultural trends, and the life of faith.
Facilitated and Taught by Pete and Marty Hinman in Room 220

Well Versed

This class, primarily for women who come alone to church, is currently exploring the ways in which the Bible speaks to current events and topics of interest.
Facilitated by Hymonda Merkel and Taught by Various Class Members in Room 105

7: Letters to the Seven Churches in Revelation

This class for women of all ages is working through a study of the seven letters to the seven churches of Revelation.
Facilitated and Taught by Janet Nix in Room 121

The Gospel of Matthew

This class, primarily for single adults of mixed ages, is journeying through the Gospel of Matthew together, reflecting on its implications for followers of Jesus today.
Facilitated by Richard Melton and Taught by Mark Cullum in Room 116